Assistant Editor On Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are Says Everything Is Cool

With all the recent damage control we've seen for The Incredible Hulk, it's odd that a similarly high profile film plagued with far more incessant and foreboding rumors, Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, hasn't received similar lip service from its studio or the talent involved. Over at The Playlist, the site's blogger is snarkily cursing the Internet and geeks for jumping the gun and signaling "the red alert" now that the 2009 film's assistant editor, James Haygood, has given a calm and collected update on the film's status. Here's what Haygood (Fincher's The Game, Panic Room) told Studio Daily per WTWTA...

Can you talk a little bit more about Where the Wild Things Are?

I just spent the last year on it. It is an amazing project. Like all of Spike's projects, there's a complicated birthing process. But it's a real special, one-of-a-kind thing. That was really fun, and it's still going. I may go back for a couple months. They've gone on hiatus to shoot a couple things and write some stuff, so post-production took a break. I really look forward to seeing how that all comes together."

Personally, and even if the film remains in Jonze's hands as Haygood confirms here, I think it's awesome, important even, for fans of Jonze to be vocal in their support of his artistic vision. Studios, even Warner Bros., listen to the Internet more and more attentively. Don't hate the game, Playlist. The fact remains that Jonze's film has been pushed back, way back, and the bad buzz is not just mindless speculation from birds on a wire in tight Star Wars t-shirts; Slashfilm has a finger on the pulse, and Chud based their "film might be entirely reshot" article on inside info. I'm always skeptical when the words "complicated birthing process" are put out there, but at least Haywood's feelings ring optimistic.