Speed 3 Ignition? I Smell A Fake!

Speed 3

/Film Reader William W sent us a tip that speed3themovie.com, speed3ignition.com, speedthreemovie.com point to a website which claims to be the official website for a third film in a Speed franchise. The site features a hilarious image of Sandra Bullock stuck in a Virgin Galactic consumer space-travel spacecraft with the film's supposed title: Speed 3 Ignition.

I just got a response from 20th Century Fox, who confirmed our suspicions that they have no involvement what-so-ever in the site. To be fair, I'm not 100% sure that a Speed sequel couldn't be made without Fox involved. But I'm 99% certain that this is just a fan created fake. I just thought we should send out a warning before rumors got out of control. Plus we thought it was funny enough to share. C'mon, there's a bomb on a consumer space-craft and if it drops below a certain speed it will blow up?! Sounds like almost like a Wayans Brothers parody gone wrong.

A third Speed film isn't out of the realm of possibility. In July 2007, Dennis Hopper told The Guardian that he was set to return for Speed 3. We've heard nothing about the potential project since.