Hellboy 3 Would Be The Last Crusade

Guillermo del Toro says that if Hellboy II: The Golden Army is successful enough to warrant a sequel, he has a plan for a third Hellboy film, and that's it.

"If there was ever a third one, I would really make sure that we at least sign a contract that there is no more," del Toro told SciFi. "No prequels and no sequels: nothing. If that happens, then there is a third one we have planned, and the seeds are planted in this film."

Guillermo's plan for a third film would involve Hellboy facing off against twenty-first century Nazis.

"It's not this group of freakies that hide in the sewers, but people that are incredibly rich."

Looks like del Toro is taking a cue from the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Jones also faces off against the evil Nazis in his first and third adventures. And much like The Golden Army, Temple of Doom took the series in a supernatural direction. But just remember, Lucas and Spielberg also once insisted that Indiana Jones 3 would be the Last Crusade, and here we are years later going to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

art credit: temukense