Exclusive: Garth Jennings' Next Movie To Be Animated

Last week I got the chance to sit down and talk to Garth Jennings, the director of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the upcoming film Son of Rambow. I can;t express to you how wonderful Son of Rambow is. It's everything that Be Kind Rewind could have been, mixed with Wes Anderson's Rushmore. I have no doubt that if you see this movie you'll instantly fall in love with it. Anyway, Jennings told me about his next project, which he is currently developing right now.

"We're writing our own animated film that we'll do ourselves. Not Draw it literally ourselves," said Jennings. "We're not sure yet how we're going to render it, be it models, computers, cell or what. We're just making sure we get the story dead right first, and we're going to let that dictate how we move from there."

I tried to press Garth for more details but the director didn't want to reveal the story details at this early stage.

"Because its at that early stage... It's not a secrecy thing for us. There is something about giving an idea too much oxygen before you've had the time before you actually set it in stone. ~The minute you get it right, you tell everyone because you're trying to get it going. But before that there is something precious about it. And I'm not superstitious but I feel like if I talk about it too much, or even at all, something goes out the window."

And if you've seen Son of Rambow, then you've seen little bits of animation spread throughout the film. Apparently they were planning to render a whole title sequence for Son of Rambow in that style, but it was never completed.