Interview: Morgan Spurlock

At Sundance 2008 I had a chance to speak with documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) about his new film Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? which hits theaters today. Listen to the full interview below. We've included a chapter guide so that you can skip to the best parts. I recommend listening to Morgan's story of his run-in with the FBI. Enjoy.

00:00 His Experiences at 2004 with Super Size Me

00:40 Morgan's Return to Sundance

01:00 Promoting a Movie at Sundance

01:25 The Indiana Jones Parody Poster

02:00 Spoiler Alert: Morgan Didn't Find Osama

02:30 Did You Think you actually had a chance to find Osama?

03:00 What would you have done if you found Osama?

04:00 Interviewing People in Foreign Countries

04:40 Would he have gone to the Government with Osama's Location?

05:00 Conspiracy Theories

05:25 Origin of the Idea

06:10 "It's more of a WHY than WHERE IS"

07:30 A separate screenwriter for a documentary?

08:45 The Scripting Process

09:20 The Unused COPS gag

10:00 Morgan's Wife Alex

10:20 30 Days – Talking about the Third Season

11:25 What Audiences Should Take Away From This Film

12:10 What's Mogan's Next Movie?

12:35 Morgan's Story of his run-in with the FBI

13:45 Deleted Scenes