The Babysitters Red Band Movie Trailer

When I screened The Babysitters at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, I came out of the screening wondering how any studio would market this film. You see, the film deals with an underage call-girl service. Here is a clip from my TIFF Review:

"The Babysitters is a dark indie comedy about a teenager babysitter who turns her business into a call-girl service for married guys. It's not as ridiculous as it might sound. Shirley is a 16 year old high school student who babysits for neighbors on weekend nights for extra cash. One night one thing leads to another when Mr. Beltran (John Leguizamo) kisses her. Kisses turn into sex. Sex turns into guilt. Guilt turns into a $200 babysitter pay-out. Beltran tells his friends, they order babysitters, and suddenly innocent young Shirley has a new business. Her friends/employees are assigned the appointments, and drop of a 20% cut through the slits in her locker. High School madam Shirley is earning money for college, while her friends earn money for clothes, jewelry and other material things. Things seem to be going perfectly…"

None of the major movie studios (or their mini major labels) were willing to pick this one up, so Peace Arch Releasing are taking on the distribution themselves. Which is kind of a shame considering the movie was actually pretty good. Judging by the theatrical one-sheet (upper right) and the new Red Band movie trailer which premiered on IGN, Peace Arch knows what they've got (unlike Sony Pictures Classics, who is already screwing up The Wackness campaign, as predicted). I'm not sure how many screens this film will play, so it might be one you'll have to watch out for on DVD. Tell me what you think of the new trailer below.