Cool Stuff: Super High Resolution WALL-E Photos

One of the cool things that press gets access to is super high resolution images, presumably for use in print publications. I know what you're thinking, 'That doesn't exactly sound that cool'. And most of the time you would be right. Zooming in on a zit on the end of a famous actresses nostril is only fun for like five seconds. What is cool is when Pixar releases a new image. Unfortunately you guys rarely get to see these super high resolution images, because, well they are f'n huge. There is almost no reason for you to see them. However, I've always loved looking at the little details on a Pixar frame. It's just so amazing to me. So I've decided to post a couple WALL-E images online for you to enjoy. They're not new, they're just HUGE.

I've actually made these the photo above my desktop wallpaper. And believe it or not, these images are even larger than the largest resolution on 30 inch Apple Cinema display. For instance, the high resolution image of WALL-E holding the rubix cube (seen in small size above) is actually 4188 pixels wide. High Definition (as you know it) is only 1080 pixels wide (or 720 depending on the source). To give you an idea, let's take a look at what a piece of the above image looks like at real size:

WALL-E Rubix Cube

I actually was forced to compress the Rubix Cube photo above, because if I had presented it at it's real resolution with no compression, it would have been 35 mb! I

Warning: It is highly recommend that you right click on the images and hit "save/download link target" as these images are too huge for most browsers to handle. You might get a message saying the photo is corrupt or incomplete in some browsers if you don't save the link target directly to your computer.

Here is another image of WALL-E sitting at a computer console of a spaceship.


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