James Cameron Announces Next Project After AVATAR...and Yeah, It's In 3D But It's Not Battle Angel

For the record, mastermind James Cameron want us to know that he refers to 3D as "stereo." The director behind one of the most anticipated movies ever, AVATAR, just did an epic interview with Variety on the future of cinema (3D theatrical and 3D home viewing) and tossed in a fresh announcement about his follow-up to the 2009 sci-fi thriller. It won't be Battle Angel (sigh). The man is on a mission, namely blasting the "3D is eye candy porn" stigma and naysayers into outer space...

Q: Right now, 3-D is pretty much being used for films that have some spectacle in them, whether it's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" or "U2 3D"; nobody's talking about using it for domestic dramas. But there are people wondering whether it will actually enhance the impact of character-driven stories. What are your thoughts on how 3-D changes the experience of watching actors act?

A: I plan to shoot a small dramatic film in 3-D, just to prove this point, after "Avatar." In "Avatar," there are a number of scenes that are straight dramatic scenes, no action, no effects. They play very well, and in fact seem to be enhanced by the stereo viewing experience. So I think this can work for the full length of a dramatic feature. However, filmmakers and studios will have to weigh the added cost of shooting in 3-D against the increased marketing value for that type of film.

Perhaps this next film will be even more revolutionary than AVATAR? I can't fathom how There Will Be Blood or, let's say, The Puffy Chair could benefit from the technology, but Cameron is dead set on it. Earlier on, he said he wished 300 was a 3D film, and the same goes for...Atonement. Imagine the bookcase thrust. Sorry, we're dispelling 3D as eye-candy porn, I forgot. This makes a nice seg into Cameron's notions on the 3D home viewing experience...

"As for 3-D in the home: The only limitation to having stereo viewing in the home is the number of titles currently available. When there is more product, the consumer electronics companies will make monitors and players. The technology exists and is straightforward. Samsung has already shipped 2 million plasma widescreens which can decode an excellent stereo image. There's just no player to hook up to it right now."

We're edging a little too close to the home entertainment in Fahrenheit 451 with a 3D Cops in suburbia, no? Sounds like fun.

Discuss: Are you guys and gals ready for a world that paints all movies, even the gushy costume dramas, in 3D? Anyone bummed that Battle Angel won't be next? Who's taking up Cameron's "it's stereo, hombre," campaign? Sexman is not.