Blog: /Film Writer Mentioned On Howard Stern; Blogging On Boats; Back In Black

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I would like to start off by congratulating Zach Lawrence, who many of you might know as a frequent contributor to /Film over the years. Actually, Zach's Top 10 Movies of All Time article was the first blog post to ever grace Zach Lawrence has written a book, actually the first in a series of books not unlike Harry Potter. The first book titled Reclaiming the Soul of Halbert Halburt: Book I : The White Book has been published and is available on most of the online book stores ( for $10.79). Today we were listening to Howard Stern when all of a sudden Stern mentions Zach's book on the air! How cool is that? Listen to the short audio clip below. And if you have a chance, check out the book, it's a great read and the second book is even better.

Secondly, I would like to apologize for the recent slowdown in updates on /Film. As you probably know, /Film is for the most part a two man show. This past week I've had a friend from the east coast over to entertain (which mainly consisted of me playing tour guide to many Bay Area attractions). It was a lot of fun but exhausting. I know, not a great excuse. The only bad thing about keeping this site so personal is that when something like this happens, there is little back up available. Luckily Hunter was around to save my ass, yet again. But there was only so much he can do. So some of the days have been at half mast. But starting today I'll be back in full force. So expect the usual 10-15 post-per-day schedule to resume.

Peter Sciretta Blogging on a Boat

And while most of my days usually involve typing in front of a huge monitor in my San Francisco office, this last week has been a bit strange. It involved a lot of improvisational work environments, which hit a climax today as I blogged on a boat in the San Francisco Bay (The Pixar news story was just too big for me to resist).

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