Cool Stuff: Watchmen Cast And Crew Army Patch

The faux army patch pictured above was passed out to the cast and crew of Zack Snyder's Watchmen, following the conclusion of an epic paintball battle on the New York Backlot, which involved smoke bombs, paint grenades, and "automatic rifles that rattled windows and left fluorescent dotted lines of fire along walls." According to a report on Watchmencomicmovie, the paintball fame left the New York Backlot set completely covered in paint and basically destroyed. Kinda sad, but I would have loved to participate in that game.

The patch, which is not available to public, reads: "OPERATION WRATH OF GOD. COMEDY, TRAGEDY, VIETNAM. 1970 – 1971". The hybrid smiley face in the center is a visual nod to both Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian.

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