R-Rated "Red Band" Trailers Return To Regal Movie Theaters

"I'm back. [belch!]"

Oh yes, to be bathed in ketchup-colored red by an R-rated movie trailer inside a cinema. It's been nearly a decade since the largest theater chain in North America, Regal Entertainment Group, showed its last restricted movie trailer but times are a changing. Regal will reintroduce the kid hating trailers before R-rated and NC17-rated films, with other exhibitors expected to follow suit.

Be sure to thank Judd Apatow, whose open endorsement of filthy dialogue and red band trailers for Knocked Up and Superbad, which were posted exclusively on the Internet and turned into outright sensations, helped jump start the decision. And, while you're at it, thank Peter at Slashfilm, who lead the 'Net charge and got rid of those pesky age restriction gates to many squares' chagrin.

Back in 2000, a report by the Federal Trade Commission spanked the entertainment industry for marketing violence to children, even though back in those "wild days" red band trailers still weren't supposed to be shown in front of a PG or G films. The red promotional tide was soon gone from mainstream theaters, and looking back on it, crowd pleasing R-rated films also went the way of John McClane spouting profanity at evil doers. So, lovers of R-rated films, Sexman and those in between: dance.

Discuss: Now that R-rated films are easier to market to wide audiences, do you think Regal's decision will have any impact on studios making R-rated flicks? If PG-13 was a person, would you hang out with him?

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