Fred Simmons On Conan O' Brien; The Foot Fist Way Red Band Movie Trailer

Who is Fred Simmons? Why is he The King of the Demo? And what does "King of the Demo" even mean? I'm not quite sure...

On February 26th, Danny R. McBride appeared as Simmons on the Conan O' Brien show in a fake promo to promote the upcoming Paramount Vantage comedy The Foot Fist Way. Why should you watch this clip? Well aside from the fact that the film is currently getting a 9.7 on imdb, aside from the fact that the entire Judd Apatow crew is apparently obsessed with this movie, aside from the fact that Patton Oswalt has been "declaring it a sui generis work on par with The Big Lebowski", it's worth watching for Simmons' interaction with Will Farrel alone. Check out the video after the jump.

Also check out the red band movie trailer below:

[flv: 336 252]

Thanks to /Film reader ewan happy for sending this in. The Foot Fist Way hits theaters on April 11th.

contributing: CHUD