The Onion Movie Is Finally Being Released

So, it's sort of official that Will Ferrell killed edgy comedy last weekend with his b-ball floparoni Semi-Pro. An R-rated afro, post-Herzog bear fighting, and the era that Peter Frampton built (the '70s) only takes you so far in 2008. What's the solution? How about a three-year-old movie from The Onion? Yes, ladies and gentlemen and hard working spider-bots, the long shelved The Onion Movie is scooting over onto a DVD shelf near you later this year.

"America's Finest News Source," The Onion is the funnier, ballsier grandfather to The Daily Show, and its satiric newspaper and website haven't exactly tamed with age. It remains an Internet champion of sorts, launching a steady online video format last year that you curiously don't hear or see too much about. Given its reliance on topical material, one wonders how the company's first, very dusty, movie, under the Fox Searchlight banner, will play out in a popular culture that is starting to make crack look wimpy.

The movie's trailer has been available here for sometime, and as you'll see, it's sort of a The Kentucky Fried Movie-meets-CNN skit-heavy effort. The Steven Seagal-starring skit, "Cockpuncher," has probably entered conversation during about 5,000 bong sessions on college campuses nationwide since it was rumored in 2004. Still funny? You decide.

For a brand that faces stiff competition these days, you have to wonder if this flick should have been torched, or maybe thrown quietly online for free like fake vomit on a sidewalk. No release date has been announced.

Discuss: Can The Onion Movie still be funny three years late? And who would win a duel to the end, Seagal's Cockpuncher or Trejo's Machete?

via Mashable