WonderCon: Iron Man - New Trailer And Footage Revealed!

Jon Favreau, looking a few pounds lighter, answered some questions and premiered some Iron Man footage at WonderCon in San Francisco. Favreau began with a bang, showing a bunch of new footage from the film.

The sequence begins with Stark hard at work building the jet thruster boots that you see briefly in the SuperBowl spot. He tries the thrusters for the first time set to 10% and is thrown into the back-wall/roof. A robot arm tries to extinguish a nonexistent fire. He makes a second attempt which results in him hovering 4-5 feet above the ground, however he starts to lose control and hovers over a couple of expensive cars in his collection. Stark yells at the bot. The interaction between the two is pretty funny. In the next sequence Stark tests out the full flight mode on the mark 2 armor, which involved a holographic like display in the helmet of the suit. Iron Man flys off into the night sky. The Iron Man logo hits the screen and the crowd goes nuts.

I keep waiting for something to happen which will make me question this film, but Favreau keeps nailing everything I see on home. If the whole movie is like this footage

Someone asked about getting permission from Ozzy Osbourne regarding the Iron Man name and Favreau revealed that he had to talk to Sharon Osbourne to gat Ozzy's Iron Man music.

Someone asked Jon for advice to young filmmakers and Fav explained that it's now cheaper to make a movie, and distribute it online. "There are tremendous opportunities." And that you will get your break when people notice you. He used Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson as an example of small time filmmakers that Hollywood embraced, and were willing to give a chance.

Favreau explained that he thinks its important for a filmmaker now-a-days to maintain a dialogue with an audience. To listen to the fans and see what they want.

"Usually the best place to go is directly to the fans."

He even admits checking out the message boards and websites and listening to the fans.

"You'd be surprised at how much you influence [these films]"

Someone asked about James Rhodes, who is played in the film by Terrance Howard. Favreau called him a supporting character, a button down lieutenant colonel.

"We certainly leave the door open to what can happen in the future."

As for a superhero team up, Jon enthusiastically said:

"If this movies makes a lot of money, I might be able to direct [The Avengers]!"

After making a joke at his expense, Favreau actually admitted that he now has a lot of respect for Michael Bay.

"It's hard to shoot a lot of nothing and imagine later there will be something."

He also praised Bay's new "Awesome" Verizon Fios ad where "Bay blows stuff up".

"A lot of the money studios make on these movies are from merchandising"

Favreau called the merchandising money a safeguard. He admitted that Marvel was very open to incorporating more stuff, and that "What you can expect in the future is more armors" and "The possibilities are endless..."

As for cinematic crossover with Universal's The Incredible Hulk, Favreau joked: "It is true, there are rumors on the internet"

"There are a lot of rumors about casting, about cross pollination between them..." "I don't want to give too many of the secrets away [before May] or I won't have anything left. Many of the rumors are true, but some of them are not true on the internet."

He confirmed that a 90-second trailer will premiere on next week's LOST, but apologized for not being able to bring it.

"I did bring the two and a half minute trailer which will be attached to 10,000 BC."

The audience went nuts.

The trailer begins with AC-DC's Back in Black, and Tony Stark in the back of the tank.

Cut to the "is it better to be feared or respected" speech in front of the explosions.

He's captured and we hear a digitized voice say "Tony Stark, you now work for me.

Shots of Stark building the Mark 1 suit.

Stark escapes.

Stark gets off a plane and Pepper Potts is standing there.

"Are those tears I see?" ask Stark.

Potts replies: "I hate job hunting..."

"Vacation Over..."

Stark tests out the jet thrusters, and takes off flying into the night sky from the previously mentioned clip.

Stark crash lands through the roof, destroying an expensive car in his lab.

Footage of the assembly and painting of the Mark 3 armor.

Stark tests the flight mode even though the computer in the suit says all the calibrations have yet to be made.

Text on screen says "Heroes aren't made... they're built."

Fast cut footage of Iron Man fighting the Iron Monger.

Tony Stark talks to a room: "There is speculation that I'm parading around like a superhero. But let's face it, I'm not the hero type.

The trailer ends with the same shot from the conclusion of the SuperBowl spot where Iron Man shoots a tank. The footage still seemed a bit unfinished to me, although others claimed it looked a lot better than it did on Super Sunday.