Cool Stuff: Lenticular 3D Star Wars Poster

UK-based company Synthetic Dimensions has gotten the rights to create a fully licensed lenticular 3D recreation of the original Star Wars Poster. I'm not exactly sure how they've done it, but they used the Synthetic Dimensions' proprietary Syndimation process to convert the original 2D painting used in 1977 to promote the Star Wars. This unique, deep 3D lenticular poster is 47cm x 67cm (18.5" x 26.5" approx) requires no 3D glasses. I've seen some incredibly dimensional 3D posters in my day, so don't let that crappy Speed Racer one-sheet scare you away from the lenticular processes. The company plans on selling the poster for only £12.99, or what translates into around $25 American (I'm sure there will be some shipping feeds as well). I'll keep you guys updated on when this becomes publicly available. But for now check out the YouTube video after the jump to see some of the depth and detail Syndimation is hoping to show in the poster.