The Superhero Movie Trailer

I'm not one to get excited about spoof movies. The original Scary Movie is probably the last good one. When Dimension announced that they were going to spoof the superhero film genre, I actually got excited. There in lies the potential for a great geek film. But I was brought back down to earth when I saw the film's trailer, thanks to SHH. Instead of spoofing the entire superhero genre, it appears they went after the first Spider-Man film. t doesn't look as bad as Meet The Spartans, likely because it's not a mess of pop-culture references which have nothing to do with the film's main theme (really, what did Megatron have to do with the Swords and Sandals genre?). I find myself watching this trailer and thinking to myself "It's not horrible..." I'm not saying it looks good... Watch the trailer for The Superhero Movie after the jump.