Catching The Sundance Bug And Stan Lee Interview

Hello again everyone, I've returned from Park City, but I've unfortunately caught the flu (which most people in Utah were referring to as "The Sundance Bug"). I know at least seven other people who caught this thing while working at Sundance, and one of my good friends, Frosty, even ended up flying home early. I hope this thing will be over with in a 24-48 hours, but right now I'm feeling pretty crappy. I'm going to try and update the site the best I can, and hopefully Hunter will continue to help fill the gaps. But I just wanted you guys to know that we'll be back to normal in a matter of days.

In the meantime, check out this interview with legendary comic creator Stan Lee, thanks to Mahalo Daily. Lee talks about comics, the upcoming big screen movie adaptations, his film cameos (Lee claims that if he had been given more screen time in X-Men, the movie would have made more money), and his upcoming projects under his POW brand. It's worth checking out. Watch it after the jump.

I'm going to crash now. Enjoy!