Rambo Death Chart

"Add Two and a Half Men to my chart."

I'm not sure Rambo knows basic math, but from the looks of this spiffy new Rambo Death Chart (!!!) attached below, he's too busy chain-gunning evildoers and furry critter bystanders, anyhow. Wow. I'm talking "three kills a minute for the entire film" wow. For the sake of spoilers, I won't strip down like the chemistry teacher in Breaking Bad and roll around popping huge '80s era squibs like bubble wrap right now, but let's just say Rambo aka Rambo IV has a good 100 more deaths than former frag-champ Rambo III. And the good guys get their fair share of the blackness as well.

I remember when I first read the plot to Rambo I thought Sly was slyly but worrisomely going straight for the Passion of the Christ crowd. Then again, considering the red flow here, maybe he still is. View the numbers after the jump, and cheers to John Mueller at the L.A. Times for his numerical prowess. January 25th is officially Rambo Day.


And he keeps his shirt on! But is that a bad thing?