Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns Movie Trailer

I am waiting for the moment when someone in "the city" says something with complete seriousness like, "Yeah, we were going to go to the Yeasayer show, but we ended up seeing the new Tyler Perry." You know Tyler Perry's movies are cultural Ebola when white early adopters can't find a way to post-ironically early adopt them. It's sort of like when you put a dog's toy into an umbrella holder slightly too tall for him to consider retrieving it, if the umbrellas were black or something.

Perry's latest opus, Meet the Browns, opens in March. He's had worse trailers, I would imagine. The flick stars Angela Bassett as a lady who loses her job and has to go make nice with the titular distant fam. Of course, the distant fam is more Vegas Vacation than National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, not to mention a far quantum leap from Curb Your Enthusiam's The Blacks. And then there's former L.A. Laker Rick Fox! In a major lady's man role! I hope someone chimes in with, "Hey, he was great on Ugly Betty!" There has to be an impossibly tiny mesh of /Film reader + Rick Fox (as actor) fans. Here's your chance to be loud and proud.

But what really catches your attention is the absence of the cross-dressing, oh-so-lucrative Madea. Will she/he or will she/he not make an appearance herein? Unless you watch the trailer, the (/Film) world may never know...

Check out the movie trailer after the jump.