First Viral Site For J.J. Abrams's Star Trek Appears

Onto Bad Robot's viral marketing treadmill step millions of Star Trek fans today, as a site called can be discovered by clicking a red dot that appears near the "Under Construction" label on the December revamp's official site.

The screen-shot below is what you can expect to find after noodling with the reception bars to four surveillance-type cameras apparently set up in the U.S.S. Enterprise's shipyard. The low hum of the disconnecting feedback coming from the site's cameras combined with the grainy, voyeuristic presentation reminds me of David Lynch's Lost Highway, while the images of masked construction workers welding in the darkness conjures a certain commercial for the Marines.

Combined with the trailer's futuristic cloak-and-dagger tone, this already marks an entirely different direction for the franchise. We'll let you know if anything else pops up or is unlocked (def possible), but you do the same in the comments below. And J.J., can we get some viral Pong or something once in a while?


 Source Link: Film School Rejects