Kirsten Dunst In Talks To Star In All Good Things With Ryan Gosling

Ready for some Dunst? Rocker-doting actress Kirsten Dunst is in serious talks to star alongside Ryan Gosling in All Good Things, the feature film debut from Capturing the Friedmans director Andrew Jarecki. Variety reports that Dunst would play a waif from the fable-staple "wrong side of the tracks," with Gosling as a "scion of a New York real estate dynasty." They fall for each other, but then Dunst goes missing. Conspiracies! A loner detective (yet to be cast)! Rising political stakes. It starts raining dead people! Oh, and it takes place during the '80s. [air horn]

Raise your hand if you think this is a comedy. You must not have caught Capturing the Friedmans, which is the only aspect of this movie that glimmers around my short attention span like Bo Derek's water particles in 10, only more macabrely. Maybe if Dunst was the Big Apple scion and Gosling reverted back to his non-Communist habits in Half Nelson...that might work. She could still go missing. Would he look for her, or call a prolonged T.O. and enjoy multiple condotels? All Good Things starts shooting in April.