Cloverfield Manga Suddenly Appears Online

Tonight, the rabbit hole that is Cloverfield's viral marketing just got exponentially deeper and more bizarre. A digital manga comic book has turned up online, and while the Japanese panels have yet to be fully translated, the Bad Robot logo (J.J. Abrams production company) and a 2008 copyright for Paramount Pictures appear on the last page. To access the comic, go here and click the small comic panel in the center with a face and the word "Kishin." This will take you to another screen. Click the blue button at the top and this will bring you to the digital comic.

The comic does not contain any trace of a monster, Cloverfield's or otherwise, until the last page, where an unknown creature is shown coming up from the ocean's depths. However, giant squid are shown beforehand. The Japanese surrounding the entry portal apparently says that four issues or installments are planned, with the next "update" scheduled for late February.

Also of note, and further confirming the comic's tie-in with the flick is a Flash animation featured on the website of Japanese manga publisher Kadokawa. It features the ship pictured above with the word "Tangruato" on it, this being the fictional drilling company which makes Slusho. The date 01-11-08 is also highlighted in the animation.

What does all of this mean?

Source Link: Cloverfield Clues