There Will Be Milkshakes: The Mash-Up

Daniel Plainview's "I drink your milkshake...I drink it up! [slurp]" is chugging along to become pop culture's new "...with fava beans and a nice chianti [slurp]," and nothing says "crossover art house hit" like a precocious YouTube mash-up. Kevin Kunze, presumably of the University of San Francisco, has set up DDL on a blind date with underrated pop-rap chanteuse Kelis, lacing imagery from There Will Be Blood with her space-age booty anthem "Milkshake." The resulting video is called, ahem, "There Will Be [Milkshakes]." If anyone wants to make a quick Internet buck, get to making some TWBMS t-shirts pronto. Here's hoping that Hollertronix or Weird Al puts out a bigger white label remix, thereby blowing the probable Best Picture nominee's public awareness into outer space.

In related news, Entertainment Weekly's silly Shaw Report has declared "mustache fatigue" the new black. Sorry, Shaw Report, you're, like, five years too late. The 'stache has returned full-force, and this time it has milk and ice cream dripping from its handlebars. Now, go be a failed trendspotter and stick an L on your forehead as you sit it out inside Owen Gleiberman's verbosity, thanks.

Note: No spoilers present in the clip. Check it out after the jump.