Cool Stuff: R2-D2 Projector And Millennium Falcon Remote Control

Spotted last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is this table-top Star Wars Millennium Falcon Remote Control from Nikko (photo: GeekSugar). The remote slides out from the Falcon's backside, and allows you to control a DVD/CD Player inside of an R2-D2 Projector (pictured below thanks to WiReD).

R2-D2 Projector

Crave has a photo (below) which shows the multiple inputs in R2-D2's backside. There is a really sick joke in here somewhere. R2-D2 can put out an image measuring 260 inches diagonally at 2,000 lumens. The droid even has an iPod dock.

R2-D2 Projector

Also being developed by Nikko, a 2.1 tie fighter shaped speaker system shown last year at CES (photo via Engadget).

Tie fighter Speakers

R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon remote will go on sale in March for $2,700 (speakers not included). Ouch.

r2-d2 projector

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