Golden Globes Cancelled!

NBC is having a press conference this afternoon to announce they are canceling Sunday's Golden Globe ceremonies. That's right, the show won't even go on un-televised, which is probably a good move (imagine how boring the untelevised version could have been). NBC instead plans to run a press conference announcing the winners intercut with clips of the stars at parties. Nikki Finke's sources claim this will be the new line-up:

  • 7:00pm: Dateline's clips and interviews with nominees cut from the two-hour piece from the prior night. Meh!
  • 8:00pm: A possible one-hour retrospective/clip show. Snor!
  • 9:00pm: Golden Globe Winner Press conference.
  • 10:00pm: An Access Hollywood style Golden Globes party show. Who cares?
  • It will be interesting to see if the same thing happens to the Academy Awards if this Writers Strike isn't settled before then.