Introducing Hunter Stephenson

When I first started /Film, I intended the site to be a forum for film geeks to blog about film. We launched with 20 part-time writers. But that time has long past. Aside from our Box Office Guru Steve Mason and and occasional review or list, /Film is virtually a one man show. I've been writing and editing 99% of the content you read on this site.

Last year when I traveled to Park City to cover the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, I received a few complaints about the sudden lack of mainstream coverage. Truth is, when you're seeing four movies and writing four reviews a day, it's hard to keep up on sleep, never-mind news (or even movie news). I've heard it refereed to as "The Sundance Bubble" by other critics and festival-goers. Last year our readership was much smaller than it is today. Thanks to you guys, we're now one of the biggest movie news websites around.

And I don't want to let you down, so I'm bringing in some extra help for some of the day to day news. Don't worry, I'm not going away, and will not be taking a back seat. I'll still be front and center. I'm a workaholic, you're not getting rid of me. But you will be hearing a new voice, and that voice is of Hunter Stephenson. You may have already read a couple his news articles which were published earlier on in the day.

Hunter Stephenson is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he was the entertainment editor of The Miami Hurricane for three years. He once interviewed Ghostface, Lil Wayne, and Larry Flynt in person and was thrown over a sofa by Chloe Sevigny's brother in the span of two friggin' weeks. He is currently finishing up his first novel on a grant, and one day hopes to obtain both the lifestyle of Body Bags 2 uber-producer Lee Donowitz and a loyal catch like Bunker Spreckels'. This explains the whole "blogging about film" thing.

He likes Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and the final trailer for There Will Be Blood. His favorite film of all time is White Men Can't Jump watched from within Stanley Kubrick's head.

So watch out for more of Hunter's postings in the coming days, and please give him a warm welcome!