Stan Lee Says Marvel Is Considering A Power Pack Movie

I think it's clear that Hollywood is really desperate to find the next big superhero franchise. Most of the A-list stars have been done, and almost every b-level superhero character has a film in production or in various forms of development. Even comic mastermind/creator Stan Lee agrees, "They're all being done.  Every one of them.  I can't think of an important Marvel that isn't being primed for a movie." So the studio is starting to move on littler known comic book series.

Lee confirmed to Collider that Marvel is seriously considering making a film adaptation of the Power Pack. If you're not a hardcore comic book geek then you're probably wondering "The who?" The Power Pack is the first team of preteen superheroes ever in the Marvel Universe. They first appeared in their own comic book series in 1984. and while the series lasted 62 issues, the characters have since appeared in other books throughout the years.

"They've been talking about... now they're not working on it but they have been discussing whether to do it," Lee said about a possible Power Pack movie.

I'm not quite sure we need a Power Pack movie. I'd be more interested in seeing Brian K. Vaughan's The Runaways on the big (or small) screen. And with Joss Whedon (of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly fame) recently taking over the comic run with a 6-issue arc, I'm sure Runaways has a bigger built in audience.