WALL-E Movie Trailer #2

The new movie trailer for Pixar's WALL-E will be attached to National Treasure: Book of Secrets. But you don't have to wait to see it, because Disney just released the new preview on the Fox network websites. This is by far my most anticipated movie of next year, narrowly beating out The Dark Knight and Iron Man (I can see those angry comments now). The new trailer shows WALL-E playing with human toys while cleaning up abandoned earth when a spaceship comes down and changes everything. The last bit at the end with the spaceship rocketing through the satellites doesn't look as polished in low resolution. I'm sure the new trailer will be available in High definition quicktime before week's end. Watch the new trailer below and as always, tell em what you guys think – Comment Now!

You can download a higher quality quicktime (640x360) on IGN.com. Wall-E hits theaters on June 27th 2008.