You Don’t Mess With The Zohan Movie Trailer

Sony Pictures has released the movie trailer for their upcoming Adam Sandler comedy You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

Directed by Dennis Dugan (Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore), Zohan's screenplay was a collaboration between three comedy greats: Judd Apatow (40-Year-Old-Virgin, Knocked Up), Robert Smigel (SNL) and Adam Sandler. The film stars Sandler as an Israel Intelligence Agent who fakes his death so he can anonymously move to New York and become a hair stylist. Sounds like a promising SNL sketch, but a full length feature film?

Sandler's middle eastern accent may rival his line delivery in Little Nicky for maximum annoyance. And the action sequences look, well... stupid. There has been a lot of great comedies this past year: Juno, Knocked Up, Hot Fuzz, SuperBad, The Darjeeling Limited, The Simpsons Movie and even Walk Hard. Zohan doesn't look up to par. Watch the trailer below. Tell me what you guys think!

[flv: 470 254]

You can also watch the new trailer in High Definition on Yahoo! Movies. You Don't Mess with the Zohan hits theaters on June 6th, 2008.