Sarah Michelle Gellar Sings "Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime"

I must pick up the Southland Tales soundtrack. It contains more than a few great tunes, much in line with director Richard Kelly's debut film Donnie Darko. The soundtrack also includes character Krysta Now's first single "Teen Horniness is Not a Crime", a satirical take on the bubble gum pop songs of Britney Spears era. In the movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays porn star Krysta Now, who also hosts a "View"-like talk show, her own energy drink, and an upcoming pop music career.

And you can now listen to the song in MP3 format over on Zeon's Music blog. The lyrics are available after the jump.

Teen horniness is not a crime

Keep an open heart and an open mind

Cause these statistics do not lie

Just ask those nerds who shot up Columbine

They weren't gettin' laid


They weren't getting' laid


Teen horniness is a state of mind

Not a sin but a natural urge

You gotta purge

Gotta splurge

While you still can

Birth control


The morning after pill

It's your stupid legislation

In an overcrowded nation

Now you acting crazy

Cause a zygote ain't no baby

via: The Movie Blog