Quotable: Frank Langella Doesn't Know Richard Kelly

As you already know, Frank Langella has been cast in Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly's upcoming film The Box. Our friends at Rotten Tomatoes interviewed the veteran actor who admitted that he didn't even know who Richard Kelly was. Read the hilarious quote below.

"I met Rich Kelly and his producing partner, Sean McKittrick, the other day having had long conversations on the phone, and I didn't know they were the director and producer. I thought there were, like, AD assistants. I met a much older woman who was doing the clothes and these two young guys kept talking and interrupting her and I finally said, 'What do you do in the movie?' and he said, 'I'm the director.' I said, 'Oh, okay. You're my boss.'"

How funny is that? Don't worry Richard, that just means you're young and have a lot of movies left in you! We've got your back!