New Cloverfield Movie Trailer Leaked Online

"People are going to want to know, how it all went down..."

Cloverfield Poster

The new movie trailer for the JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield (yes, that is now the official title) will be attached to Beowulf this weekend, but fans have already leaked a copy onto the internet. I'm not going to link to the pirated handheld video camera copy (to think, a handheld video camera taped trailer of a movie which was filmed with handheld video cameras... my brain hurts) but I've already seen it on multiple video sharing sites and message boards. I would recommend that anyone that cares about this film, to wait to see this trailer on the big screen or online early next week.

So the question is, JJ, Paramount, how do you want people to experience the new trailer? Because if you are looking to sell this movie right, you need fans to experience this trailer right. The copies I have seen online are very poor indeed. But that won't stop people from watching the trailer and spreading it like a virus. I'm sure hundreds of thousands will see this subpar copy by Monday morning. You will not be able to stop fans from spreading this pirated copy now that it has been unleashed. If I were Paramount, I would get a high quality Quicktime of the new trailer online today. Just saying...

And hey, look on the bright side, people are clearly very excited about this upcoming release.