New Joker Photo On, Launched

The jumble on the Dark Knight viral website was solved (as seen above), gathering photos of letters from cities around the United States (/Film users solved the jumble very early this morning, good job guys!). The Answer: The prize is a new photo of The Joker, as seen below, in the back of a car. Joker Photo

If you click on the new photo you are brought to a new viral website – Rory's First Kiss was the fake title used for the production of The Dark Knight while they filmed in Chicago. On the site is a set of all new instructions, with a promise of another reward.

Whomever is doing the viral marketing over at Warner Bros should get a bonus. JJ Abrams needs to find this company and hire them for all his future project, because the Cloverfield/1-18-08 viral efforts have been far lacking in comparison.