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/Film has partnered with a couple other movie blogs to bring you a round up of movie features and editorials from around the web. So here we go.Why Commercials Before Movies Is Worse Than PiracyThe Movie Blog looks at how theaters steal our time with commercials and how the principle of piracy is the same thing.DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg Says There Will Be 12 to 18 Full 3D Movies by covers Jeffrey Katzenberg's seminar on the future of 3D including the possibility that we could see 12 to 18 3D movies by 2010.Impending Writers Guild Strike will Doom ManKind! takes a look at the Hollywood strike which will likely be the end of the world.R-Rating, Impenetrable Shield or Leaky Bucket?Film School Rejects explores the R-Rating and why some studios (namely Fox) may be staying away from it.