Ben Affleck Talks Gone Baby Gone

Ben Affleck talks candidly about his upcoming feature film directorial debut Gone Baby Gone in Details Magazine:

"It's pretty simple. If people don't go see it â€" I'm fucked," admits Affleck. "I feel like (Gone Baby Gone) is the linchpin for my life. My career. I have a lot riding on it. I want [the film] to work. Badly. I mean, a shitty movie comes out on 2,800 screens? I've been there and it's embarrassing." "Listen, I've gone out and directed a movie and made it really f-king good. If the movie's good, people will like it and go see it. All the rest of it is bullshit."

I've seen Gone Baby Gone, and it is (as of this moment) on my list of the top 10 films of 2007. It's an amazing film, never-mind an incredible first film. Hopefully it finds an audience.