Justice League Of America Spoilers Revealed

Patrick Sauriol has scored a bunch of exclusive spoiler leaks from George Miller's upcoming Justice League of America live-action movie. Don't read any further if you don't want to know abything about the characters or plot of the film.

The film will feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, a John Stewart version of Green Lantern, The Flash and Martian Manhunter. Where did Aquaman go? I thought he was the sole reason for all the motion capture 3D animation talk a while back? And he's certainly a better character than Martian Manhunter. The Flash will supposedly have a crush on Wonder Woman (ugh), but who wouldn't. He is also the youngest member of the super-group. Wonder Woman acts as defacto humanitarian (ala Angelina Jolie) for the group. Batman has a device called "Redeye" which allows him to spy on other league members so that if a JLA that goes rogue or becomes a villain. But the main villain in the film (unnamed at this point) gains control of the Redeye device, and uses it against the JLA and the human race. And at some point Batman goes bad, whatever that means. So far I'm really not digging this plot, but I do like that the film is not being used as a group origin/team-up story.