Jeff Garlin To Voice The Only Animated Speaking Character In WALL-E

Jeff GarlinJeff Garlin claims that he is the "only animated character that speaks" in the upcoming Pixar film WALL-E. Until now we've known that much of the film featured nonspeaking computer animated robots, which communicate with R2D2-like sound effects. We know that some of the story takes place aboard the luxurious star-liners here humans have been forced to re-colonize. We suspected that while most humans have turned into "couch potato blobs", that some human characters would be featured on screen in the talking capacity.  But it appears that Garlin will be the only one.

"I play the Captain and it's pretty much my own voice. And the character looks a lot like me. made it â€" in the movie I'm the only animated character that speaks," Garlin revealed to moviehole. "A lot of the film is silent and they're robots so they make noises and such and there's sound but I'm one of the only characters that speak â€" not one of them â€" I am the only animated character that speaks. There's another character but I can't talk about it. But I'm the only animated character that speaks."

It has been previously revealed that WALL-E will feature some "live action people element," but no details have yet been revealed. When director Andrew Stanton was asked if the live-action element would be anything like that featured in Happy Feet, Stanton set the record straight at comic con.

"We're not doing anything like Happy Feet. There is a live action element involved but that's the most I can say."

I'm guessing that the other character that Garlin can't talk about is the live-action character. Anyone have any more information on this? Email me or post in the comments. You can read A LOT more about the plot of WALL-E in our previous post.