Would You Watch A Goonies Animated Sequel?

Goonies 2

The long rumored Goonies sequel might seem improbable at this point, but that doesn't mean that the series won't continue. Remember, Goonies Never Say Die.

"I would like to say that there's a great writer on it and it's coming soon [but] I have nothing for you," Goonies star Corey Feldman told MTV. "It's a film Spielberg very badly wanted to make [and] Richard Donner very badly wanted to make. All of us [the cast] really, really wanted to do it. It's come to the point of the script got ordered, and then the ball got dropped. For whatever reason, Warner Bros. doesn't see it as a profitable venture. It's a very sad, unfortunate story. But they just decided to make 'Lost Boys 2′ after 20 years. Anything's possible!"

"Right now they are talking about the idea of doing it as an animated series," Feldman revealed, without offering more details. Corey also spoke highly of one of the last Goonie 2 script attempts:

"The one that I heard that worked the best was all of us were now grown up, and have [our own] kids. And those kids get into some trouble and end up stumbling across some link to our past. They discover who we really are and what we went through. And, simultaneously, the Fratelli brothers find out that the kids have found out â€" so they're out to get the kids and the kids are out to save their lives and their families."

Corey also revealed that in one script he was a Vegas lounge singer, and in another, a trial lawyer.

The Goonies is one of those movies from my childhood that I hold very close to my heart. And usually with such movies, I find myself feeling uneasy when the idea of a proposed sequel comes up. I man, most sequels are usually not as good. And who wants your childhood memories ruined by a bad attempt to claim more money from a long lost franchise. But for some reason I think there could be a good idea for a Goonies sequel. And I believe that a new Goonies movie could live on for a whole new generation. May-be I'm just being overly optimistic (which is out of character for me), but I'd like to see the idea explored more. As for a cartoon, in concept maybe it would be fun, but what audience would they target the project towards? It seems very speculative to me.

Would you watch an animated Goonies tv show or sequel?