The Dark Knight: Anthony Michael Hall's Character Revealed

Ever since it was announced that Anthony Michael Hall had been cast in The Dark Knight, the internet has been hard at work speculating what kind of role he would play in the film. Warner Bros decision to keep the project almost entirely secret (and limiting press access) has resulted in mass spoilers being leaked online. And now we have a tip on what character Hall may play in the film.

Earlier this month we published a list of call sheet spoilers from The Dark Knight. Last week's call-sheets included a new character named Reese (read no further if you don't want to know any more possible spoilers) who tries to blackmail Lucius Fox using Batman's identity. We also had some information on another sequence which involved Bruce Wayne serving as a distraction to allow Reese to escape a Gotham tv station without being mobbed. According to the call sheet, Reese is being played by Joshua Harto and not Anthony Michael Hall.

HollywoodChicago claims to have information which ties Anthony Michael Hall's character to this storyline. According to the report, Hall's character plans to use the Gotham City News to reveal Batman's true identity. Hall's character is intensely jealous of Bruce Wayne, and even drives a matching Lamborghini Murcielago.

"Of course, the Joker is the true villain. Out of fear that the Joker will lose the object of his game-playing affection, he sets out to stop Hall's character by calling in a bomb threat to the TV station.

The bomb threat causes widespread havoc. The move is designed to steal the attention off the character so he can't issue the Batman-revealing report."

So does Anthony Michael Hall play the Reese character? Or are the storylines of Reese and Hall's character intertwined? Either way it sounds like way too much is going on in this Batman sequel (it now seems we have at least 3 antagonists, and that is never good), but I could be wrong.