Dark Knight Spoilers: Harvey Dent's Press Conference Has A Major Reveal

Tophrman claims to have gotten his hands on the shooting details for this week's filming of Rory's First Kiss. As most everyone on the planet knows, Rory's First Kiss is the undercover production title for the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. Of course, we are unable to confirm the authenticity of this information with the production (for obvious reasons). So be warned, these could be planted or fake, but my sources say it looks legit. A major plot spoiler is revealed, and new characters we never heard of (Reese) are included. Check out the details after the jump. Don't read if you don't want to know.

Again, these scenes are probably not shot in order. Tophrman was only able to get his hands on slight descriptions of the scenes. So we don't have all the information. I'm also going to only include the more interesting bits.

  • Harvey Dent reveals himself to be Batman at a wild press conference at Superior Court Dent.
  • The National Guard patrols through downtown Gotham.
  • At Wayne Enterprises, a new character named Reese (played by Joshua Harto) tries to blackmail Lucius Fox using Batman's identity.
  • Bruce Wayne discusses his plans for Lau (played by Chin Han) with Lucius Fox. But the real question is, who is Lau?
  • Someone breaks in to the Wayne Enterprises' Research and Development, and Fox is notified.
  • Jim Gordon explains "just enough" to get Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to issue search warrants. For what, we don't know.
  • Jim Gordon tells Commissioner Loeb (played by Colin McFarlane) that his life is threatened, Loeb drinks to that.
  • Harvey Dent promises the Mayor a crime-free 18 months right before a fake Batman hits the Mayors Office window.
  • A fake Batman dummy hangs from the flagpole outside City Hall.
  • Jim Gordon tries to get Reese out out of the street entrance of a tv studio, but an angry mob appears. Bruce Wayne serves as a distraction. I wonder what Reese was doing on TV? May-be he was there to reveal Batman's identity? But if so, why would Bruce Wayne help him out? The actor playing Reese (Joshua Harto) looks pretty young. May-be he's an up-and-coming reporter who somehow figured out Batman's true identity? But this still doesn't explain why there is an angry mob awaiting his exit from the building.
  • Anthony Michael Hall's character is not featured, as far as we know.