Southland Tales: Mandy Moore And New Production Photos

Someone sent us some new photos from Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. But first some news for Mandy Moore fans: A month ago Mandy Moore made a comment, wondering if she still appeared in the movie, after director Richard Kelly announced that the film had undergone major reedits:

"I play The Rock's wife in the movie, if I'm still in the movie at all," Moore told Sci-Fi. "They had to cut it down so much, and maybe they just cut out my character altogether."

Mandy Moore fans need not worry, Kelly has confirmed:

"Mandy Moore is still very much in the film... and very little of her role was cut."

Okay, now for the photos. The first one can be seen above the news story and shows Justin Timberlake and is titled "All These Things I've Done". We'll continue with more after the jump.

The following two photos are of Sarah Michelle Gellar and are entitled "Krysta and the NOW Girls".



The next two photos feature Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and are titled "What kind of secret?"