The Dark Knight's Direct-To-DVD Anime

Batmanonfilm has gotten their hands on a leaked info sheet for an yet-to-be-announced Batman anime project. The project would function much in the way that the Animatrix did for The Matrix films (which coincidentally was also released by Warner Bros).

The memo says that the project would consist of sic short stories which help bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The PG-13 rated anthology will be geared to core fans and tween boys. The names supposedly attached to write the stories include: "Academy Award nominee Josh Olsen (The History of Violence), screenwriter of the Blade films and Batman Begins David Goyer, and famed comic book writer Brian Azzarello, amongst others."

I've always found this type of intertwining extended movie world to be an interesting idea. I'm actually one of the few who liked the original Matrix video game, which connected the dots between the first and third films, and the Animatrix, using exclusive story footage shot with the film's main actors as a reward to keep people playing. The quality of the connectivity between The Matrix properties can certainly be debated, but the idea was a good one. You can read the full Batman Anime memo at BOF.