McG To Resurrect Steve McQueen Vanity Project Yucatan

McG hopes to resurrect a lost Steve McQueen project as part of a new three-year first-look deal at Warner Bros. When Steve McQueen died 26 years ago, he left behind two custom-made trunks containing 16 leather-bound notebooks full of drawings, period photographs, a detailed script continuity containing over 1,700 pages of hand-typed/written material by McQueen. This was the remains of his lost vanity project titled Yucatan, a blueprint for a movie written entirely without dialogue, in a "hyper-stylized poetry."

According to the New York Times, the story followed "an archaeologist from the Museum of London who enlists a renegade Navy diver, who works for the oil companies and races motorcycles on the shores of the Mojave, in a plan to explore the cenotes, caves in the Yucatan jungle that reveal underground lakes. Here, a millennium before, Mayan priests sacrificed virgins covered in gold and precious jewels, a fortune rumored to still adorn their skeletons at the bottom of these sacred wells."

Yucatan is just one of three projects that Charlie's Angeles director McG is currently developing. And in my opinion, it's by far the most interesting. McG is one of only a couple directors I would like to see tackle the epic motorcycle chases in Yucatan.  But the question is, who can replace Steve McQueen?