All The Movie News We Didn't Have Time To Print

Okay, so doing Comic-Con is more daunting than I ever could have expected. I thought I would be able to keep up with the news outside of the con inbetween panels. But there really is no time in between panels. And when you get back to your hotel at 3:00am the last thing you want to do is write-up some news from the outside world. Especially considering your alarm clock is set to 7:00am

We're already planning for next year's con. We'll hopefully be bringing a full crew to cover everything and anything.But for now, I thought I'd post a listing of news that we would have covered if we had the time.

Yahoo: Check out the extended trailer for The Golden Compass in 1080p.

The official Watchmen website is now online and looking pretty spiffy.

Shock: Neil Marshall talks about The De2cent.

IGN: Kevin  Smith will start filming Zack and Miri Make a Porno will start shooting in January 2008.

CS: Seth Rogen talks Green Hornet:  "It's not a comedy, it's an action movie."

The Walk Hard Movie Trailer will debut on Superbad. I saw it last night and were not impressed.

You can now buy Slusho t-shirts on

MTV: The Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods t-shirt we saw some guy wearing on the show floor is a fan made fake.Shock: Check out Drew Struzan's teaser poster for Frank Darabont's big screen adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist.TMB: Planet Terror and Death Proof DVD's will not include the fake trailers. I'm pretty sure a super duper special edition box set will eventually be released with directors cuts and all the trailers. But that's just speculation.

Check out the Horton Hears a Who trailer which is attached to The Simpsons Movie.