/Film Invades Comic-Con Blogger Party

Last night was a lot of fun. I met up with most of the other big movie bloggers from across the U.S., a list which includes:  John (themovieblog), Kevin (Cinematical), Vic and John (Screenrant), Alex, Jessica, Josh, Dave (FirstShowing.Net) and Jen (Rotten Tomatoes). The party took place on the roof of the W Hotel on a level called The Beach (which is named that because there is sand everywhere). Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, Rocky Balboa, Pathology), and Crank writers/directors Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor were also there showing some love to the blog community. It's amazing to finally meet a lot of these people that I talk to and read every day online. It's also amazing to see a movie company (Lakeshore Entertainment) to take such an interest in the blogging community. They seem to think that the bloggers are the future of publicity and for that I am extremely grateful. Thanks to John and the Lakeshore guys for putting it all together. I saw some advance footage for Pathology, which I hope to show you guys sometime next week (we're just waiting on the digital video file).