Death Sentence Comic-Con Exclusive Movie Poster

The marketing department at 20th Century Fox have created a San Deigo Comic-Con exclusive poster for the Kevin Bacon thriller Death Sentence. It's a huge improvement over the red blob they previously released. We posted the trailer for the film last week. James Wan's (SAW) new movie follows John Hume (Bacon), a local business manager of Boston, a peaceful, calm and very caring man with the perfect family and life. But all that changes one night when his eldest son is murdered during a hold-up. Transformed by grief, Hume eventually turns to violence, revenge, and vigilantism. He vows to kill each perpetrator on the streets who was involved in the murder of his son, while at the same time the gang vows their own revenge agenda. Check out the full comic con exclusive poster after the jump. We've also included the original one-sheet for comparison.

Death Sentence Comic-Con Movie Poster

Death Sentence Poster