Transformers Pirates Arrested

Oh My God, The Motion Picture Association of America actually caught some people pirating Transformers. The group announced today that five arrests were made for illegally recording Transformers in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and New York. I've always said we need to keep our eye out for those movie pirates in Georgia but no one listened to me. :) The arrests could lead to six months in jail and fines and civil penalties adding up to $10,000. It's not cheap to pirate movies. Someone should have told these jokers that they could have just downloaded the movie on one of those torrent sites. I joke, I joke (badly, I know). If I was their lawyer, I would suggest they claim in court that they were only trying to video tape the Cloverfield movie trailer. And since at that time, Paramount would not acknowledge that the movie existed, it would not be illegal to video tape. Yeah, like I'm sure that will stand up in court. It's worth a try though, right?