Screenwriters Talk 2012: The War For Souls, Michael Bay's Next Movie?

A few months back it was reported that Michael Bay would direct a apocalyptic thriller 2012: The War for Souls, based on the forthcoming book by Whitley Strieber. It has since been reported that Bay will be directing the big screen adaptation of the popular video game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Both of the stories have been unconfirmed. And with the success of Transformers, who knows if Bay's next project won't be the expected sequel. Our friends at RT sat down with the Transformers scribe to discuss 2012: The War for Souls. Until now we really haven't had much information on the project other than the apocalyptic Mayan date contained within the title. (The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st 2012. They believed that would be the day the world would end.)

"It's a book we just set up at Warner Brothers by Whitley Strieber who wrote The Hunger and Wolfen and who's also a famous alien abductee. It is his latest theory of what's going to go down in 2012 based on the Mayan calendar and based on factual astronomical convergences are going to happen on that day, said Roberto Orci. "We really like the initial concept. We always try to be extremely free with what the dictates of the live action story need to be. If it ends up being extremely similar to the book, great. But we don't stick to anything just because it's there. We question everything."

Okay, so it still doesn't look like we have much information. May-be someday. Oh, and my prediction: Bay will direct Prince of Persia for Disney and then do Transformers 2. Those two projects seem more ready for primetime. 2012 sounds mostly like an idea or concept at this point.