Rumor: Indiana Jones And Raiders Of The Found Ark?

AICN reports a new huge Indiana Jones 4 rumor, which if true, might be a great way to wrap up the series. See, the idea is to go back to the beginning. We know that Marion Ravenwood is in it. We also know that she had a kid with Indy (Shia?). And now we learn that John Hurt could be playing Abner Ravenwood. You know, Marion's long lost father. You know, Indy's mentor. The guy everyone thought to be dead in his pursuit of the Ark. The Ark? What does that have to do with this film? possibly everything. The new theory is that Indy is not going after Atlantis, a Spear of Destiny, or any other silly quest. He's going back to the beginning – The Ark. Last we saw the Ark was in that huge warehouse. We know that Indy is supposedly filming some scenes in Groom Lake (aka Area 51). Where better to hide the Ark than Area 51? In this new theory the Russians are trying to find it to one-up the US military. It's an interesting theory, however, I'm not sure where that could bring the adventure. One thing is for sure, it would be a great way to wrap-up the series. Hardcore fans will know that technically Raiders is Episode II in the Indy saga, but we'll forget that. For some reason I want to buy this theory, but I don't think it's likely.