Good Luck Chuck Red Band Movie Trailer

A month ago the MPAA attacked /Film for posting a couple red band (aka R-Rated) movie trailers without age verification. The truth of the matter was that the MPAA didn't care until the New York Times started asking questions. Well it looks like either the MPAA stopped caring again (now that a national newspaper stopped caring) or the Fox owned doesn't need to abide by same rules as everyone else.

You can click here to watch the red band trailer for Good Luck Chuck, the new Dane Cook/Jessica Alba comedy. I've always thought the concept was genius. The movie is a romantic comedy about a guy who is always the last boyfriend before a woman finds the guy of their dreams. When  he finds the girl of his dreams (played by Alba) he's afraid to take their relationship to the next step out of the fear of losing her. Good concept, poor execution. And this red band trailer doesn't convince me otherwise. What do you get in the red version that isn't in the green? A few humorous shots of Dane trying to have non-nude sex with fat woman, and talk of masturbation. Yeah, it might not be worth watching, but that's your decision.